Racing Yellow Realme GT 5G shines in new trailer, pricing teased

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 21:31:01 +0100

Realme’s upcoming GT 5G flagship is arriving next week and we're familiar with most of its key specs. This will be the brand’s first Snapdragon 888 powered device and it’s Racing Yellow (aka Bumblebee leather) variant appeared in a new teaser video. We can see the back sports textured yellow leather-like material while the area below the camera cutout is made from ridged plastic Realme VP Xu Qi Chase also confirmed the GT 5G will be equipped with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS3.1 storage. In terms of dimensions, the phone will be 8.6mm thick and weigh 186 grams. Realme GT 5G...

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Oppo explains how its rollable prototype phone works on video

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 20:11:01 +0100

The Oppo X 2021 concept phone is back – originally demoed at Inno Day 2020, the company is now revealing more details about its rollable phone at MWC Shangahi 2021. Here is a short video that explains how the display expands from 6.7” to 7.4”. The action is powered by two roll motors. They use cogs that mesh into the so-called Warp Track laminate, which is similar to timing belt. The laminate is made of high-strength steel for allowing it to be both tough and thin – at its thinnest it measures only 0.1 mm, but is still strong enough to support the display. Whether retracted or...

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The Redmi K40 will be a gaming phone too, with 300+ Hz touch sampling rate and gaming accessories

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 19:19:01 +0100

Xiaomi will unveil the Redmi K40 tomorrow and it wants it to be more than just a flagship – it wants the K40 to be one of the best gaming phones out there. GM Lu Weibing has been splitting his time between posting teasers on Weibo and shooting ads with celebrity Wang Yibo. Redmi K40: higher than 300 Hz touch sampling rate • Advanced haptic feedback The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset (the Pro model, at least), this is step one. The 120 Hz OLED display is step two, but today we get a bit more details – the touch sampling rate will be higher than 300 Hz. That...

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Google Pay adds support to 84 financial institutions across 24 countries

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 18:28:01 +0100

Google Pay has just expanded its list of financial institution partners. Thanks to a list gathered by Android Police, we’ve learnt that 84 banks and platforms in 24 countries now support Google’s native service for contactless payments. The majority of banks are in Canada, but the overall update spans over 5 continents. Here’s the full list: Australia Bank of Queensland Limited Austria Prepay Solutions Brazil XP Investimentos Banco Inter Digio Canada Access Credit Union Advance Savings Credit Union Limited Affinity Credit Union Assiniboine Credit...

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Apple AirPods 3 leak in live image

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:33:01 +0100

Earlier this week we got a look at some AirPods 3 renders and now Chinese audio blog 52audio is giving us a live look at Apple’s next-gen TWS earbuds. The design is just as depicted in the previous leak with shorter stems than the AirPods 2 and more in line with the AirPods Pro. The top half of the earbuds looks just like the AirPods Pro though we don’t get to see if Apple is going with the previously reported in-ear silicone tips. The charging/carrying case is wider than the AirPods 2 one and again more in-line with the one found on AirPods Pro. AirPods 3 render (Source:...

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1. Android Auto Adds Games, Wallpaper, Split-Screen View

Google is rolling out a major update to Android Auto. The new version includes car-optimized games such as trivia and "Jeopardy!". The feature can be activated by saying "Hey Google, play a game". Users can now "select from a variety of car-inspired backgrounds to personalize your car display". Finally, on "cars with wider screens", a new split-screen view "features a real-time view of Google Maps and media controls". The update will be available in the coming days for phones with Android 6 and above.

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2. Google Now Lets You Schedule a Text in Messages

Google has started rolling out an update to it Messages app that lets users schedule a text message to send at a later time. The feature is designed for people with "loved ones in another time zone or on a different schedule". To use the feature, simply press and hold the send button to reveal a new pop-up menu for scheduling. The menu provides several suggested times as shortcuts, plus an option to pick any specific date and time. The feature will be available in the next Messages update for phones running Android 7 and newer.

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3. Samsung's New 50-Megapixel Camera Sensor Supports Staggered HDR

Samsung today announced a new camera sensor featuring a number of new technologies that will offer improved HDR, low-light performance, and auto-focusing. The ISOCELL GN2 is a 50 megapixel sensor with 1.4-micrometer (μm)-sized pixels. The GN2 supports staggered HDR, which lets a device capture short and long exposures simultaneously, for HDR images with fewer motion artifacts. Staggered HDR can also enable computational HDR for video. Support for staggered HDR sensors is a key feature of Qualcomm's latest flagship chip for phones, the Snapdragon 888. Samsung also claims that staggered HDR is 24% more power-efficient compared to the traditional HDR technique. The GN2 also sports Dual Pixel Pro, an improved auto-focus (AF) system that uses all sensor pixels for focusing. While previous dual-pixel AF systems can only detect pattern changes horizontally, Dual Pixel Pro splits pixel elements diagonally, so it can also use vertical information to lock focus quickly. The GN2 also has Smart ISO Pro, which does for ISO what staggered HDR does for exposure length. The technology "takes readouts from both high and low ISO to instantly create high dynamic range images with less motion-artifacts." It can also take and process multiple high-ISO frames quickly, for an effective maximum ISO of "close to one-million". For video, the GN2 supports full-HD videos at 480 frames-per-second (fps) or 4K at 120fps. The ISOCELL GN2 is already in mass production, meaning it should make its way into phones soon.

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